Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Diwali Decor Inspiration - IV

My fourth post on the Diwali decor series is inspired by a website I L O V E, completely, totally, unconditionally… well ok.. not sure about the last bit because the reason I so adore it is coz it’s so beautiful, full of lovely ideas and lovely images. And if you’ve never been to this website before, do so immediately, to be out of the minutest minority there can ever exist :D

Ladies & Gentleman, I’m referring to ..*rolls drums*.. online space where I can easily spend hours just browsing :)

And doing any decor inspiration post and not including this one is criminal.. super criminal.. :)

So here’s presenting a few of Martha Stewart creations that can easily be implemented in your homes for any festival. Not that I need to say this, but you’ll find tonnes more on the website.

Martha Stewart - Diwali Inspiration 2 A clear glass vase with some flowers and candles placed over a round mirror, so prettty

Martha Stewart - Diwali Inspiration 3 A simple candle’s beauty heightened with some flowers placed around it

Martha Stewart - Diwali InspirationLove the way lanterns are filled with a combination of flowers & candles, quite unique no

Martha Stewart - Diwali Inspiration 6 Shell diyas!!! Ever thought of that ;D Here’s a how to DIY

Martha Stewart - Diwali Inspiration 7 
Did you say you had bigger shells? :D

Martha Stewart - Diwali Inspiration 6 For those who have access to their very own outdoor space

Image courtesy

P.S. Here’s quick links to I, II, III of my Diwali Decor Inspiration series if you’ve missed it or want to go back ;D


Neha said...

Just came across your blog.

Great post...I am sure to use some of these ideas. Thanks for putting this up. :)

marilyn scott said...

I just stumbled here upon looking for ideas for Diwali decorations and I saw this... i love that seashell diya. Sooo pretty! Love you ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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