Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Diwali Decor Inspiration III

My third installment of the festival decor series is one that you will simply be in awe of coz it’s so stunning. And the lady behind these awesome creations is Rajee Sood, an interior designer based in Gurgaon, India. Rajee’s blog is a haven for anyone looking for any design inspiration, especially when it comes to Indian decor.

Below are some of the highlights from her Diwali decor posts, and if you’d like to read them all, click here

Rajee Sood Diwali 1How lovely do these roses look in Indian brassware 

Rajee Sood Diwali 2

Rajee Sood Diwali 3 Rich embroidered net fabric and crushed tissue forms a superb festive dinner table

Rajee Sood Diwali 4 Lanterns placed in between some greens

Rajee Sood Diwali 5Floating tea lights and flowers intermingle for a perfect Diwali lit corner

Image courtesy Rajee Sood’s blog

BTW, if you love to throw elaborate parties and dinners during this time then Rajee’s post on a 5-week Diwali planner is a must read.

P.S. My Diwali Decor Inspiration parts I, II, IV

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