Monday, October 4, 2010

Diwali Decor Inspiration - II

My second post in the Diwali Decor Inspiration series comes from a lovely slideshow called The Magic of Candlelight over at Real Simple. These days candles are creeping in and becoming a part of the Diwali decor too.

You can easily recreate any of these settings with a candle-diya combination or plain candles or diyas alone :)

Real Simple Champagne Glasses Candles placed on sturdy wine glasses

Real Simple Glass Jars Tea lights placed in glass jars that can be sourced from the kitchen

Real Simple Glass Top Candles Candles of different heights placed on a mirror that runs the length of the table

Real Simple Terra Cotta Pots Tea lights placed in terra cotta pots and hurricane lamps placed on a nice silver or copper tray

Real Simple Cupcake Pan If you’re into baking like me, use them cupcake pans and decorate with tea lights, flowers and diyas

Image courtesy Real Simple

P.S. Diwali Decor Inspiration parts I, III, IV and if you would like to decorate diyas at home, here’s my post with all details.

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