Sunday, October 3, 2010

Diwali Decor Inspiration - I

Diwali is now exactly a month away and we all love to decorate and light up our homes for this very special festival. Every year for the past two years I have found so much inspiration in the blogosphere on this topic that this year I thought of sharing these with you over four posts.

In today’s post, I would like to introduce you to a wonderful wonderful lady, Archana Srinivas, the hands behind Rang – Decor. Through her blog, Archana is filling the blogosphere with a lot of rang (colour) highlighting Indian decor and design.  

Here are some really simple ideas for Diwali from her blog:

Archana Srinivas 1Simple earthen lamps enhanced with sequins

Archana Srinivas 2Mini idli moulds lit to beautify any corner of your home

Archana Srinivas 4 Adding pebbles to diyas before lighting them

Archana Srinivas 5 And in some add  flowers

And there’s a whole lot more that you can view here specifically for the festival, but don’t just stop there, there’s inspiration and beauty oozing out of every corner of her blog :)

P.S. All images via Rang – Decor, shot by Archana Srinivas
P.P.S. Diwali Decor Inspiration parts II, III, IV

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