Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pottery Barn Design Class

I had the opportunity to attend a design class courtesy Pottery Barn at their store this afternoon and totally enjoyed the experience.

Listening to Chad Allen, the GM, I was thinking to myself, why haven’t other brands gone down this route. Or have they and I just may not know about it. I hope it’s the latter coz this educational plus promotional talk to me was one of the most amazing marketing/sales tool to implement. Not only did the attendees pick up products soon after the class but more importantly this little talk was establishing relationships between the brand and its consumers and prospective.

Pottery Barn Dubai
The topic of this month’s rendezvous was how to bring fall decor into our homes, showcase Pottery Barn’s fall botanical, vase and candle collection and give ideas on how they can be utilised in our own spaces. Additionally we all got a 10 per cent discount on the product lines discussed. Chad had interesting details to share on most products such as how to maintain them, different ways of using them, etc, which you probably don’t see or hear whilst you’re buying the product.

Pottery Barn Dubai 
If you love decorating and are keen to learn more, I definitely recommend you register yourself for their next class by visiting the store at Mirdif City Centre.

P.S. The classes are complimentary, held once in a month and usually last for an hour.

Pottery Barn Dubai

1 comment:

Priscilla said...

I missed this one! :(

The session sounds like fun, very unique concept for furniture stores here.

I do know cosmetic companies like Clinique conduct a monthly makeover class. I always end up buying stuff that I don't really want :(

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