Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010: The Year That Was

It’s that special time of the year once again, a time to reflect at the 12 months gone by. As I look back at the beginning of 2010 or a little before that, I had set out to make this year the year where I will try and do a lot of things I had been putting on the back burner. Now, sitting at the edge of the year, it gives me immense joy to realise that I have accomplished at least some of them.

2010 has been a year of change – not just the kind that takes you by surprise, but change that has come as a result of taking some conscious decisions. As I step into 2011, I hope to take the learnings of the year with me.

  • It’s not wrong in any way to ask the universe for what you want. As said, so beautifully in these lines, it is more than ok, in fact essential, to let the universe know what your desires are and let the fulfillment of these desires be left in bigger hands than your own
  • It’s ok to not know what you want out of life sometimes – when you leave it this way, life kinda figures it out by itself beautifully :)
  • You must do what you can do, to the best of your ability to achieve something and let go of the results – when you don’t hang on to the results, they tend to come your way :)
  • What you fear, generally comes to life, so let go of ‘em fears :)
  • The more you learn, the more you explore, the happier you are :)
  • Don’t underestimate the peace in your life, don’t take it for granted – when your world rocks for a bit, all you wish for, is that peace to return
  • Opportunities have their own time and way to arrive, so all you need to do is keep hope and some patience when they don’t :)
  • People change, relationships change, and that’s ok, after all change is the only constant thing in life, right? :)

What was it about 2010 that you loved the most? What are the lessons you’re taking with yourself into the New Year? Lets discuss in the comments :)

And on that note, wish you a Merry Christmas & a Lifealiciously Delicious New Year! :)

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Priscilla said...

2010 started on a bleak note for me, couple of lows but then they all evened out & now I am riding on its high wave.

Lyman Frank Baum sums up my lessons for 2011 succinctly “Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true”

Btw, beautiful Pics :)

Komal-Nishka said...

What a lovely quote that is Priscilla :) I'm so glad the year is ending on a high note xoxo

Anonymous said...

My new year started with my new Job, Progress as well as I fell in love too...

But my bad luck, she already loves someone else... It was difficult for me to arise from there.. but I did and still we are good friends..

Though she doesn't know my feelings for her..

This year brought a double taste of success and sadness..
Hope the next year brings only success and happiness to me, to her and everyone.. :D

Komal-Nishka said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.. I think life is a mix of ups and downs - successes and sadness - as long as it's not down or sad all the time - intermingled with the happiness and the joys - we have a lot to be thankful for :)

Anonymous said...

loved ur post
had lots of expectations when the year started but by the end of it i understood 1 thing "Man proposes god disposes".
since the dawn of the new year, my outlook has completely changed towards life & im living it to the fullest !! :)
cheers !

Komal-Nishka said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.. I've come to realise it's our outlook that makes all the difference to what is happening in our lives.. with your outlook, I feel 2011 will surely be a good one for you.. :) all the best

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