Saturday, December 25, 2010

Be a Responsible Earthizen – Recycle Your Mobile Phones

Did you know that the UAE has the highest average number of mobile phones per person in the world? Each individual here owns nearly two handsets in the country according to the US-based Wilson Electronics.  

We don’t even need to look at these statistics to know that I guess. One look around us and you see people changing mobile phones with every season ;) While there is no harm in doing that, ensuring that you put your old mobile phone or for that matter any electronic item to good use is essential - either by giving it away to someone who could use it or to an organisation that can help recycle it.

When you donate your cell phone, you are helping to keep toxic elements out of landfills.

Recycle Mobile Phone(Image via)

Jacky’s Electronics is currently running one such initiative. You can hand over your used mobile phone and also receive cash vouchers in return for this green gesture :) Learn more about it here.

If you know of any recycling initiatives in the UAE, do let me know.

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