Sunday, October 10, 2010

Odd One Out

I don’t think we ever really give thought to this thought unless we feel like, or simply fear, that we or those close to us may be riding this boat pretty soon. It’s the thought of being the odd one out. It’s a bit scary, isn’t it? Standing there, all alone, going through what the majority of the humanity you know of, is not experiencing.

Somehow being a part of the norm is so much comforting :) it’s easy, it’s perhaps right, it’s where you would have liked yourself to be too.

But think for a moment if you ever did become the odd one out? What would you do? What if you are? What are you doing?

I think that in such a situation there is one thought that deems to be thought - that there is a reason you are what you are; coz there is an awakening that you need to experience, there is a purpose you need to fulfill, there is a lesson that needs to learnt, there is pain that you need to overcome, coz there is potential for you to be brighter, better, greater than you ever knew you could be and all this probably requires you to be the odd one out :)

Odd One Out Photo credit: Shrey Chauhan

1 comment:

Sunita said...

Wow!!! This is sooo amazing and inspirational write up didi, really too good and very motivating!!!

Thank You for making a difference:D

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