Thursday, October 14, 2010

Of Breaks & Hesitations

Having returned to work life for a very brief moment after a relatively longish break, I am often asked how the experience of ‘sitting at home’ was by a lot of women. And the men.. if you must know how they react on the subject… almost always unanimously go.. ‘Oh, I wish I was a woman’ or ‘I wish I could do that’.. :)

The reason I’m writing this post today is the learning that there are so many women out there and perhaps men who have been wanting to take that much needed break from work but haven’t been able to muster the courage to do so. The fear of how life outside of work will be - if they’ll be bored, if they’ll survive, if they’ll be ok.. :)

My two cents of advice for you from my experience is, if you can, you must. A break can do you so much good. Just getting away from the usual, the mundane, focusing on your life, relationships, on what You want to do with Your 24 hours of time is a treasure that work life does not endow you with.

And when you get back into it all, the same mundane seems exciting, getting up in the mornings is no longer a drag, gossiping about the load of work is no longer something you wish to bask in – it’s a new you – recharged, motivated, raring to go, to taste that sweet success that comes with deadlines, meetings, stress, unbearable work load, late nights followed by the results of all that effort.

I guess this was the reason holidays were invented but every once in a while that one month for every 11 months of work is somehow not enough. Sometimes you just need to think of a hiatus as a longer than usual holiday that you must take to find yourself and those dear to you. And if you are in a situation where you can afford to, just do it :)


Sophia Ali said...

This post came as a blessing in disguise for me...I have told you abt my case in an in-depth mail to you. thanks for yoyr reply. It helped me seal my decision. Cheers!

Nik said...

agree with it ... did it myself some time back (though got quite bored of it!)

nice blog btw.

- NR (just another passerby!)

Jack said...

Komal - Nishka,

Navigated from your comment on some post. Read all current posts. Diwali Decor, thanks for practical and valuable tips. Eat etc, again good link. Odd One Out, true. One need not be just one of the crowd all the time. If it permits, one should do what one can do best. You have said it yourself, those who can do it, must do so. I agree with you it totality.

Take care

ani_aset said...

well rightly said..we are afraid of taking a break...right now managing with whatever time i have to do things i like doing :)

Divaa Divine said...

i just dont have the guts to put together and take the step - i m lookin to get a married way out of it!

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