Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Quick & Cheesilicious Olive Bread

It’s really funny – every time I discover a heavenly new food blog, I’m as excited as a little child is when she gets a new toy – all thrilled to discover what it’s all about. A couple of days back while browsing through Deeba’s blog, I accidently stumbled upon Ree Drummond’s The Pioneer Woman.

And oh my God – the cooking section is a divine treasure – each recipe better than the other – each recipe so beautifully explained, pictorially, step-by-step that you’ll want to run to the kitchen and get cracking on one.

So I wasn’t surprised, not one bit, to find myself in the kitchen a few minutes later looking for ingredients I could transform with the magic wand I had just discovered ;D. I made this delicious very quick and easy cheese olive bread.

Olive Cheese Mayo Bread

I didn’t have the French bread at home then and neither the cheese mentioned in the recipe so substituted them with brown and mozzarella respectively. 

The result – I’ll let the pictures talk :)

Olive Cheese Mayo Bread 008

Click here for Ree’s recipe.  Happy discovering  my new discovery!


Mamta said...

This is soo surely tryin to this tell me sisy wht do i put instead of mayonnaise?? Let me knw asap..waitin ;) mwah

Komal-Nishka said...

Puck cream cheese spread or Philadelphia cheese with garlic (the one we put in our cheesecake)? Think it should be good :)

Smita said...

Love your blog, Komal... And I sure will visit again.


Komal-Nishka said...

Thanks Smita :) Welcome and I would love you to keep coming back and let me know each time you're here.. ;D

Smita said...

Thank you for dropping by my blog. The Indian cardmakers group is just a bunch of like minded card makers in India... we all stay connected and interact within the group... just starting off with Artist Trading Cards soon. :-)


shanthi said...

This is awesome.Melting in mouth, Do visit my blog when time permits.

Rajani@eatwritethink said...

hi komal! remember me rajani from a vege in the middle east, i blog at my own weblog now, do visit

i see you are cooking a lot now, and did u actually see the images on ree's blog? i find that with no flickr i cant view a lot of images on blogs. whats been your experience? still in dubai?

Komal-Nishka said...

@Smita that's lovely - not sure if there is one here in Dubai

@Shanthi thanks for dropping by

@Rajani Ofcourse I remember you, congrats on your own weblog..I'm thinking of one now too :)

Yes I can see Ree's pictures on her blog and I don't think they've been inserted via Flickr and yes very much here.. Hope all well at your end.

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