Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Delicate Work-Life Balance


On my way back from work today, was listening to the Tonight Show on Dubai Eye 103.8 and the host was discussing about Michelle Obama’s recent talk about work-life balance and how she encourages corporates to bring in flexibility for their employees.

I wonder why is it so difficult for companies to do that – while I’m sure they have their reasons, I’m sure some kind of flexibility will do both parties more good than harm.

As stated in the Washington Post article, Michelle Obama says:  "I found that as I've managed staff, the more flexibility and opportunities that I gave them to be good parents, the more commitment they made to working with me, the less likely they were to leave because they wouldn't find the same sort of situation somewhere else. So this isn't just about family balance. This is about making work places stronger and more effective, and keeping and attracting the most qualified people. This research is critical to empowering employers and is politically -- particularly important during our current economic climate."

I second that – question is when are more and more companies going to think like the First Lady of the United States.



Veda Murthy said...

I love this post Komal!

I have started following ur blog.....have lots 2 read!:-) u have a lovely blog here!


Komal-Nishka said...

Thanks Veda for taking the time to visit Lifealicious and comment :)Hope to see you around more often..

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