Wednesday, January 27, 2010

KidZania - I want a world like that too!

Yes, I sooo want a world like KidZania  but wait, before I explain what kind of a world I’m referring to, let me tell you what KidZania is all about.

KidZania is a world dedicated only and only to children. Here these little hearts can do everything that they cannot do in the real world – so they have their own bank account, they can choose a job that they fancy and earn kidzos (the currency of KidZania) for doing that. And after a hard day at work, the boys can chill at the – read carefully – gentleman’s lounge while the girls go pampering at a salon or at an arts and crafts store ;D or wait both boys and girls can chill together at a discotheque. 


It’s simply amazing – there’s umpteen number of jobs to choose from for the little ones – reporter, photographer, ramp model, pilot, airhostess, fireman, entertainer, beautician, radio jockey, television presenter, nurse, doctor, painter, construction worker, baker..the list is endless. And where ever children go, they dress up for the job in cute uniforms and get trained with tools needed on the job. They earn money too which can later be used to redeem some really cool prizes.

The boys will love being firemen – there’s a hotel that burns every hour and the firemen come in their vehicles with alarm on to contain the fire, control the crowd – its superb. The girls will be thrilled to be dressed like a supermodel and walk down the ramp or be a cutesy little Emirates Airline hostess. The whole thing is truly an awwwwwwww experience : )

So back to the kind of world that I was talking about – a world where adults can go crazy as kids can in KidZania, where they can unlearn what they have learned and start a new chapter, try something new, just for a few hours and then return to reality :) Aah well…

For more information on KidZania and details on opening time, ticket prices, follow this link.

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