Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Peace of mind

It's been so long since I heard the thunder sounds so closely or saw the lighting in the sky this clear. Signs of rain, lots of rain I guess. So here I am back at my seat enjoying this awesome weather and suddenly a big huge roar of thunder, I think it's raining now.

This kind of weather is a rarity in Dubai and what is even more rare is a mind at rest in such weather.. :) The rains and this ambiance always take you to some place, be it in your past or a dream of the future. Today, however, my mind is in the present, still, calm and it feels quite nice.

I heard this (see below) on the radio yesterday and developed an instant liking towards it. Thought I should share it with you.

1 comment:

VN said...

I second your opinion, Nishka.I just felt so relaxed and at peace.I was enjoying God's creation and was in awe.I missed home quite a bit actually.And my daughter who'd hug me when she hears thunder.Aww!!I miss my angel :(

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