Sunday, December 14, 2008

Of Weakness & Strength

My mind’s made up its mind
To ponder over a long lost yesterday left behind
Oh how I wish I could use a brake and make it stop
And win this battle by making its plans go flop
After a brief rendezvous with myself, guess what, I have actually made a little success
Thanks to His hand above me which continues to bless and tells
My dear lil one, this is the life I have chosen for you to walk
Don’t you worry; I am looking out for you round-the-clock
Come to think of it, I believe Him as He has been doing so
For despite everything, I’ve been living life as if I were some kind-of-a-pro
So now my mind is back to being all happy hunky-dory
As I continue to live life in His glory :)


Mamta said...

This is your best so far sister.!!

I love it !! Its amazing :o) God bless u!! n keep posting!!

Komal-Nishka said...

awwww, thanks sista..

Vidya said...

This one's really very touching!!Must say, you truly are a pro-poetess!!Go on, don't stop!! Let the thoughts flow out. There's nothing better in this world than being able to express your feelings out in words :)

Eisha said...

This is fantastic. Woman you write so well!!!

You have now raised my expectations and I will be a regular on your blog to read all the good stuff.

Baiju Samuel said...

Well Written...

Cheers !!!

Aanchal said...

didnt know you write so well.... dont stop :)...

Komal-Nishka said...

Many thanks for all your kind words. I won't stop, hopefully, but don't want any of you to stop your feedback too :)

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