Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rab does decide your jodi

I didn't really think I would ever write movie reviews on this blog, but for this one, I just had to.

So I finally did get to see one of the most highly-awaited Bollywood movies of the year - Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (RNBDJ). Before I write anything more about this movie I must admit I am a die-hard Shahrukh Khan (SRK) fan :), but that is not to say that I like everything he does - for example I didn't like his last release Om Shanti Om.

Coming back to RNBDJ, contrary to what I have read in several reviews, I absolutely loved the movie - it really touched me. What a simple and honest movie and the experiences of Taani are close to many a girls' lives - where you're left alone with a love that you thought will last forever, you are not sure if love will ever find you again and for her it does and how beautifully. I love the lines where Taani says all a girl ever wants is for a man to love her like noone has ever loved her before. So true. So simple. So dot on. It highlights the confusion of every woman who wants to get married to a man who looks good, confident, knows how to sing and dance but may be ends up with someone just as simple as Suri is.

I wish I could remember more dialogues of the movie so I could pen them here as they are just superb. May be a little later when I have seen it a couple of more times :) (yes, this is how much I liked it). And coming back to the man who has swept me off my feet ever since I was in my teens, SRK, well I am short of words to describe his performance - he plays Suri with utmost sincerety and honesty. He made me laugh. He made me cry even more. Where oh where do you find such selfless love and who goes out of their way to this extent for someone they love.

I've told this to my friends before, when SRK acts, when he recites those full-of-emotion romantic dialogues, it feels like he is talking to me - that is how much I think the guy connects with his audience.

So, to cut a long story short - go watch this movie if you have ever had anything to do with love and if you're a woman, you're in for a double treat, as for those three hours you have the chance to experience SRK work his magic on you. :D

And finally, I leave you with these few lines of treat from the movie. Enjoy.

Na Kuch Poocha, Na Kuch Manga
Tune Dil Se Diya Jo Diya
Na Kuch Bola, Na Kuch Tola
Muskura Ke Diya Jo Diya

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Anonymous said...

There you go again girl!!!! Got to admit - I just loved the movie so much. Especially the song which has the four lovely lines you've quoted. It's blatant truth that no guy ever loves a woman without judging her strengths and weaknesses. Suri and Taani are, I feel, representatives of todays' couples in real world.The number of marriages that end up in divorce these days is shocking!!! The four-lettered word "LOVE" is missing in many relationships these days and the ones that do have it are countable. Materialistic requirements and unsatisfactory marriages are on the rise. I guess when one loves ones-self only then can they love their spouse. Love is such a nice feeling, but most of today's generation has spoilt the very essence of the word to be synonymous to vulgarity. Please people, do not detroy LOVE. Let LOVE remain LOVE itself.

B said...

I saw the movie, liked it, though not as much as you did :) you seemed to have loved it but good

A few lines came to my mind just this moment and I thought I will pen them here for you,

"Parde ke peeche se, chupke se, woh nazar kar gaya;
Apne hone ka nishaan woh rakh gaya;
Warna kaise ho sakta hain ke meri pareshani ghum ho gayi;
Woh Rab tha jo muskuraya aur halka sa dastak de gaya"

Mamta said...

Amazing review sis.!!

Its surely a worth watch..and one of SRK's best work :o) Just love him!! !!

The girl's smile is amazin..she is cute!!!

God bless !!

R. Ramesh said...

now that i have read yr post, have to c the movie..hey.thanks for visiting my blog..stay connected...

Komal-Nishka said...

Ramesh, thanks for stopping by. Do go check out the movie and let me know your thoughts.. :)

Anonymous said...

I have not seen this movie yet....but the the way you have reviewed it makes me wanna go n watch it.

Bhavna Dulani Uttamsingh said...

Happened to read this blog today... tho i've seen RNBJ long time bak.. couldnt resist commenting n appreciating ur accuracy of the point... its simple n dot on...
There are times when u come accross something n feel a certain way. but then u let it pass, passively. YOU, u catch BANG ON those points, N PIN THEM DOWN so accurately, that when one reads it, it feels as if its the own alter ego talking out. AM so impressed.
aND YES, i have to admit... I do like SRK too(tho 'like' may br an understatement, but the ADORE/ LOVE is over-rated)... more love his acting i would say. But not as much as my husband does, n yes, he says SRK copies him. lol. coz he behaves as similar to my husband n is as romantic ;-)
When I met my husband, n now when i watch SRK movies, I relate them both. And the icing on the cake ... (I noticed when I saw RNBJ after getting engaged ) my husband's name (nick) is also Suri ! and the 'na kuch poocha' song was dance-performed by his sis & bro in law for us on our engagement. Wat a beautiful extract u have decided to put on. Kudos!!

Komal-Nishka said...

Hey Bhavna, thanks for taking the time and sharing your thoughts and that lovely comment. I'm so glad you found your Suri and SRK in the hubby :)

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