Thursday, December 18, 2008

Someone's thinking like me :)

They say when you want something the universe conspires to give this to you.

I went about shopping to the mall for a birthday present for my dear friend and guess what I found..

I was so so excited.

A 'Life is Delicious' mug, beeeaaautiful isn't it. I had to buy it instantly. May be some day when I hold contests on the blog or the kinds, I'll probably give things like that away..(big thinking ya..!)

But until then if you wish to buy this as a present or for yourself rush to La Senza stores across the country. It is retailing for USD 21.5 (AED 79).


R. Ramesh said...

ok thanks for suggestion..pass on dhs80, will go for it now...haha.

Aanchal said...

I want a mug like tht !!! :)

bhumika said...

It's so cool to find something that expresses just what's been on your mind!

thanks for visiting my blog. Hope to see you around :)

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