Thursday, December 11, 2008


One of the things that make this journey of life so enjoyable are your friends, in just so so many ways. But such has been the case of my nomadic life, that they have just been there with me (physically) in phases. These, albeit short times, were so special - be it through school, college, work and now here in Dubai.

Back in 2005, B, my mate from India, sent me these lines, written for me by her, that touched me then and have continued to do so every time that I read them. Inspired by Rang's header, I wanted to try my hand at some Hindi typo, trying to present this soon-to-be-forgotten national language in a unique manner, and well what better way to start with then these beautiful heart rendering lines. :)

For B

The above simply translated means:

The path that I was walking on at one point in my life, I had made it the very essence of my being
But now there is no one waiting for me here, it's just me alone
I wonder when will I be able to take a few steps and move on from here
And where will my new destination be


Vidya said...

Arre wah!! Aap hindi mein bhi blog likhna shuru kar rahe hai kya!! Good yaar :)I liked the couplet so much. It's so meaningful and guess it relates well to today's lifestyle as well. Keep it going, Komal. I shall read more of your blogs and post comments as well.

Mamta said...

Wonderful !! I love it !!

Komal-Nishka said...

Thank you girlies,

V-I shall try and correct my hindi errors - thanks for pointing them out :) and yes continue commenting..

swati said...

komal!! I love this blog of yours! I had no idea you had this side to you as well. More than anything else, it gives me a chance to know "komal" n her real thoughts. I particularly liked the lines you qouted in your latest blog... it tells "am not the only one"...keep this going on... I will definately be reading each and everyone that you keep posting..

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