Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pinterest Picks: Offbeat Invites

Invites, according to me, play quite an important role in getting guests enthusiastic for a gathering/ party/ event, etc. That said, we do not always have the time or want to invest too much in them. Which is why I am loving this first pick for the post. It’s a great picture invite, so DIY, and easily customizable for any event. Perfect for to be circulated via the web.

Easy DIY Picture Invite

Below are some more fantastic ones that I found very unique but will need considerable time and effort.

1. Sparklers with matches included: ideal for any celebratory event or even a farewell as seen below
2. & 3. Ideal for little and big boy events such as birth announcements and birthdays

Offbeat invites 
4. Corset invite perfect for a bachelorette or a girls only birthday celebration
5. Ballerina invites for little and big girl parties
6. Egg invites for a birth announcement or baby shower

Offbeat Invites

P.S. You can see more invite ideas on my Pinterest board here.
P.P.S All image sources are available from my Pinterest page too.

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Jack said...


Read 3 posts now. Ganpati on Ferrari looks so modern and good. A time comes when parents have to be more of friends than dictators to let the children grow to take their own decisions. Invite does matter in setting the mood.

Take care

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