Friday, June 11, 2010

Simplest No Bake Eggless Cheesecake Recipe Ever

"Julia taught me what it takes to find your way in the world. It's not what I thought it was. I thought it was all about-I don't know, confidence or will or luck. Those are all some good things to have, no question. But there's something else, something that these things grow out of. It's joy."

- Julia Powell
Author of Julie & Julia

Ladies & Gentlemen, I present to you the easiest, yummiest, egg free and no bake cheesecake recipe I have ever come across, a recipe that was passed on to me by our lovely cousin Dipti, who I (and now you too) should thank and remember every time you make this gorgeous delight ;)

It takes minutes to understand, minutes to assemble but seconds to be wiped out :)

In Glasses 


1 250grams pack of Digestive biscuit
Approx 150grams margarine, melted (I used unsalted butter this time around but do not recommend as I think it hardens the biscuit base a bit too much or perhaps I needed to use more butter)
1 300grams pack of Philadelphia cream cheese
1 36grams Dream Whip sachet 
1 pineapple jelly sachet mixed in 1 medium glass of warm water
1 170grams Nestle cream tin 
1 can of strawberry filling/ topping

Yes, it’s all about 1s, all about using up the entire sachet, tin or pack, so there’s no measuring and no left-over ingredients :) You just have to pay a little attention to the measurements when picking up the products.



  1. Starting with the biscuit base, grind digestive biscuits and mix with margarine. Set this first layer flat in a serving dish or  individual bowls or wine glasses.
  2. For the second cheesilicious layer, grind together Philadelphia cream cheese, Nestle cream, Dream Whip and jelly mixture. Pour above the biscuit base.
  3. Let this set in the refrigerator for a couple of hours and then spread the strawberry filling over the second layer. Chill again and serve.



Mamta said...

My fav. recipe of all :) luv it.. bt mine never sets..:( how did urs..gud 1 sis..mwah

Komal-Nishka said...

Mamtiii you need to make sure you have a strong biscuit base, the next time you make this - use all of the 250gm digestive biscuit pack as base..

Americanising Desi said...

you r such a life saver! and i mean it!!!! absolutely divine this is! thank you dipti ! thank u komal!

Neha Matani Sujanani said...

Thanks komal....looks brilliant..shall try my hand at it part doesn't require the gas / micro / oven at all!


Komal-Nishka said...

@Americanising Desi :) you're welcome, I hope you find a good Dream Whip replacement as we discussed on Twitter

@Neha yes, absolutely - can't get simpler :) and any more easier :)

Sophia Ali said...

Simple indeed, but, I won't find some ingredients in India :(

Aanchal said...

its was yum and im going to make it the next time i have a party :)

Komal-Nishka said...

@Sophia I hope you'll find the link to Deeba's blog useful as she makes these no bake cheesecakes with ingredients available in India

@Aanchal yes, ur need such quick recipes given ur work-life balance ;D

Peggy said...

definitely looks great! love the ease of it all too!

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