Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fab Cards & Stationery at OMG Prices


kikki-K Cards

As I walked down a new side of Dubai Mall, I was attracted to some gorgeous items displayed at a cards and stationery store that looked like the ones I have come to adore on various blogs. Stepped in to check the range when the store attendant at  kikki-K, a Swedish fashion stationery label,  informed me that prices of all items have been slashed as they were closing down.

Observed the price tags instantly after and was surprised and happy to see what a bargain I had walked into. Loved the cards(some whacky ones showed in the picture above), retailing for just AED 2.5 (yes, OMG moment right!) and other super items such as magnetic bookmarks (for AED 1.5), magnetic boards (approx AED 35),  note pads, diaries, laptop bags, gift tags, and more, going for ridiculously cheap prices.

If you love to have stylish and inspiring  stationery around you at your home/office or want to present it to someone who does, then you cannot not visit them.  These bargains are available till the end of the month.


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kikki-K is located at the lower grand level of Dubai Mall, opposite Waitrose.


ani_aset said...

nice collection thanks for sharing

Mamta said...

Niceee..How about buyin me some interesting things.. ;) hehe..!! !!

Komal-Nishka said...

@Mamta ofcourse... goes w/o saying... :p xoxo

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