Monday, May 10, 2010

From Adversity, With Love

One of the only good things that come out of adversity is Strength.

Strength in every possible way.

Strength in yourself, from going through the brutal process and having survived it.
Strength in the Almighty, that He stood besides you, helping you at each and every step.
Strength in the relationships with your near and dear ones and those you re-discovered in the process.
Strength in the universe, as it brings together its resources so you can survive adversity as comfortably as you possibly can given the situation.
Strength in humanity, for there are such Godly people around in this world that you’ve never known, ready to guide and assist you.



Sophia Ali said...

Strength and holding on are the two essential aspects of one's life :)

Well written....

Aarti said...

Like I read somewhere on facebook 'Behind every strong girl is an assshole who made her that way'. It made me laugh, but rings absolutely true. Not just for the opposite sex but any adversity really.
What doesnt kill us only makes us stronger, what say?

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