Monday, July 6, 2009

Old So Is Gold

Have I ever mentioned to you that I was a Radio DJ in some previous life :)? I say life coz it feels like it was another time, another era.

As I listen to some really old Hindi songs right now, I am going back in time to when my love affair with them began. When I was about 5-6, mum used to listen to them from what I can recollect and then the next I heard them was in the Mirchi studios in my early 20s.

You know life has to leave you with some amount of love, pain, hurt, longing to be able to understand the depth of their words, their music and then they stay with you. Forever.

Like this one right now that says:

Jeene ke liye socha hi nahin, Dard sambhalane honge
Muskuraoon to, Muskurane ke karz utaarne honge

or these lines from Lata Mangeshkar's Lag Ja Gale

Hum ko mili hai aaj ye ghadiya naseeb se
Je bhar ke dekh leejiye hamako kareeb se
Phir apke naseeb mein ye raat ho na ho
Shayad phir is janaam mein mulakaat ho na ho

As I listen to these songs I wonder if the new generation is ever going to be exposed to this, if they'll ever appreciate it? Forget the ones to come, there are so many who are and who don't know these jewels :)

Something needs to be done or will it be the case that the ones who have to experience this magic will find a way anyway :). Just like me.

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