Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day Pa

When I was a little child pa, I was so scared of you
I loved you a lot, but it was some of your disciplinary ways growing up that got me a bit terrified
My friends will tell you about how I used to eye the clock to be home on the dot
I grew up never wanting a hand to be raised on you for my upbringing
I wanted you to be very very proud of me and I hope you are, so far :)
Our relationship took a huge upward turn, when you stood by me at my weakest moment and said
'As long as I am alive, you will never have do something you don't want to'
I cried and cried as I held on to you so tight and still cry as I think of that moment
Pa you are a gem of a person and my pride
It’s easier to tell ma how much I love her but for you our love is silent yet strong
You were and will always be our pillar of strength
Pa - We love you to death

P.S. I have been blessed by an equally amazing Pa-in-law. The world needs more of you Pa, so every daughter who gets married doesn't miss her family as much and for that I am ever so grateful


Anonymous said...

such a lovely post....

Mamta said...

:) Wonderfully written.. God bless u!

Anonymous said...

Thats soooo sweeeettttt!!!

thats really sweet.

Anonymous said...

Such a touching a poem, Nishka :)Really loved it!!

Meera said...

That's a beautiful poem!

Keep it up!


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