Monday, May 18, 2009

Holiday Hangover

:) does something like this exist? I'm not sure, but I am experiencing just that at this very moment.
Can't really blame my emotions as two weeks is a good enough time to loose yourself. Especially given that I went to a place that had so much to offer and discover in the company of my love.
Well so as my post title says it I had an absolutely amazing time Down Under and hubby dear has aptly captured it in the picture below.
at Sydney Opera House
I was and am truly mesmerised by the beauty, the culture, the history, the progress and the people of  Australia.
I'll do a quick review of places I visited shortly once I settle down so if any of you do travel to these places in Aussie land, it might, might just come handy.


Preeti said...

Welcome back,
well u really needed tht break nd luk at u at the pic, u look so chillaxed :) missed u.
shud really plan another trip soon together. x.x. p.

Komal-Nishka said...

Oh Preeti, thank uuu sweetie.. for you I want to update my blog everyday coz I know you're reading :)

Missed u too and will call soon.. xx

VN said...

Well...what do I say...holidays are to chill out, babes :)Can't be without saying this - you can kill me for this.In the pic you look so different from the "Official" you, Komal!!!Wow!!!So very relaxed and chill!!! :P

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