Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hamilton Island, Australia

Hamilton Island
After my trip to Australia, we've been talking to many who have travelled there or want to, and the cities you often here are Melbourne, Sydney and Gold Coast. Now these three are brilliant, but there is an island in Queensland, which is marvelous, superb, fantastic :) and an island in the true sense of the word - not too big, loads of greenery, lots and lots of water and beaches and its called Hamilton Island.
I believe not too many people know about this gem and have it on their agenda but it is highly recommended and a MUST do when in Aussie land.
Hamilton Island is the largest inhabited island in the beautiful Whitsundays located just off the Queensland Coast. It has accommodations varying from hotels to villas and holiday apartments. The way to commute on the island is with a humble buggy.
Hamilton Island is also the closest to the awesome Great Barrier Reef, another MUST when Down Under. 
With ample of restaurants, activities, small little boutiques and very warm residents, you will truly feel like you are on a true holiday here.
Hamilton Island Hamilton Island  This is where we stayed - Palm Bungalows The perfect place to have breakfast with the Koalas  Walkway Buggies

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