Sunday, January 25, 2009

Have you taken a backup?

It is the start of the week here in Dubai and Sundays are awful :)

Speaking of Dubai, you have to go read Rajani's summary of what this city is all about. It's such a light hearted post and well quite true. Whether you're a resident or a tourist waiting to come here, you'll love the dialogue on offer.

Coming back to my post for the day, I am writing it with a lot of mixed emotions. For quite a while now the Mumbai blasts, the Gaza carnage have been making me think of how life can change in a split second. Over the weekend, an incident with my close friend, took me back to this very disturbing thought once again. What if it would happen to me and I am suddenly no more? Have I sorted everything I ever wanted to say and do?

These questions made me think that in life, we should always have a backup, just like we do with our gadgets. What I mean here is some one or more than one, who would know where everything you have ever treasured is, what should happen to this this and this should death pay an unexpected visit to you. I have started working on mine. Do you have a backup of your thoughts, wishes, dreams with someone? :)


Rajani said...

hmmm... morbid thoughts for a 20 something...! so what's the backup? mine is pick up my kid, the passprt et all and then get tosomeplace safe!

Komal-Nishka said...

:) well kind of..

I think what I meant in my post was what if something happens to you and you are no more, do you have a back up of where you have what kept aside, what do you want for your children,etc.

Do you have a backup of your thoughts, wishes, dreams with someone? :)

Rajani said...

hheehehe right now i am potty training my kid so yah would love it if someone took over from there! just kidding okay - before you pick that big book and break the screen. but really no - I am so far away from where i thought i would be that i am the back up.

but in termsof tangible stuff no I have not given it a thought maybe i should cos we do have a kid!

and yes there's a new post up - i really do try to put up atleast one post per week - and its usually related to food. cos that's the big earthshattering fact of my life, i cook, i clean, and i potty train, etc etc etc

munazzah said...

The fisrt back up would be i guess tellin yr partner , your child , your parents and siblings , how much u love them,EVERYDAY.U tell them how you wud want things to be if u were not there tomorrow.I think tht would be the strongest back up ever.

Komal-Nishka said...

True, since this thought I make an effort to keep in touch with those who matter all the more and my 'love u's have increased too .. :) hopefully the effect will last

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