Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shall we talk of cheery things then?

I realised the last couple of posts on my blog have been a little gloomy or too realistic, so it's time to share some things that have been making me really happy.

1. American Pie and sequels: Ok, may be I was supposed to be watching these movies many decades ago ;) but I finally am and guess not too old for it.. :)

2. Indian music going places: Yes, the music of Slumdog Millionaire is now ruling on international catwalks. Check this video of John Galliano, who is one of the most influential fashion designers today, walking to Jai Ho..

Briiillliiiaaaannnnttt..The song on this platform that is, him walking to it..not so much.. what do you think?

3. Have kind of sorted my anniversary and Valentine plans, for those of you who haven't and are looking for ideas, I am hoping to compile a list of things you can do here in Dubai.. ;)

4. Deeba's stunningly easy recipe: Crackers with cream cheese. Aching to make these asap


5. Remember the romance-filled pillow covers I blogged about a couple of weeks back, well here's another one I love with DIY instructions... so perfect to adorn your room this Valentine. Now only if I can find iron-on transfer paper


Check out how to here.


Anonymous said...

Babes...that's quite a bit of goody-goody things in there!!! Let me start commenting one-by-one :)

1. American Pie and sequels - Better late than never - remember?? So it's ok that you saw the movies late.(Pssst...I saw them just a year ago or so ....he he he...)

2. You must watch the movie if you haven't. It's simply stunning!!!An awesome movie.The starting is a bit emotional and may bring a tear in your eye. But the latter part is too good!!I enjoyed watching it :) Btw, the youtube clip just proves we Indians are talented and have people following "Indian tunes" for a change!!

3. Our wedding anniversary is many more months away.Guess by then you'd drop something great in your blog for us to choose from, yeah??

4. Deeba's recipes are tempting for sure!!!Wish I had 48 hours in a day!!!

5. That's an amazing DIY stuff, Komal.But as you've mentioned, where do we find the iron-on transfer paper???Do let me know if you get to know of it.

Ashley L. said...

Love those pillows and your blog! :)

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