Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Discover beautiful India

in the works of a very talented artist Aarohi Singh. I wish I had access to her masterpieces so I can use these myself and as presents to help Dubai's very multicultural society to discover just how beautiful India, its talent and art is.

I love these items and until I can get hold of them, I'll just have to do with looking and admiring them.. :)

Love Letter Box for all my cards and perhaps e-mails from M. Letters, what's that now ;)

Classic Kursi (Chair)

Kettle for P, who I recently discovered loved these

(Image courtesy: Aarohi's website)

Check out more about Aarohi and her work here.


Arch at Rang said...

Yes, Aarohi Singh's work is lovely!

Thanks for dropping by at Rang:-)

You have a lovely blog here:-)


Preeti said...

Well imagine waking up to one friday mrng with M bringing u hot tea in tht kettle with flower, newpaper, maybe a small note..... in bed :)
Neways tht was very sweet of u, the thought itself nd u remembered me mentioning it. I m not a tea person at all but absolutely luv the concept of kettles. thank u :)
Preeti !!!

Komal-Nishka said...

Arch, you are one of my inspirations and I am overwhelmed to see your comments here.


Preeti - how could I forget. Thanks for dropping by. :)

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