Saturday, December 6, 2008

Joys of Nature

I've been aching to post, but can't seem to make up my mind on what this blog should talk about. What is it that is my forte that I can share with the world? It's a difficult question, answer to which I do not have - is it that I don't have any or is it time to discover what is in me? I think the latter.. :).................... ....
............. ....
How very positive then..I blame it on the simply beautiful weather in Dubai these days and this morning specifically. In the hum drum of a fasted paced life, very rarely do I sit down, with my balcony open to beautiful rain-filled clouds, the coolest breeze and birds chirping outside.. it's a kind of description I would read in a book and experiencing it myself for the first time..or again paying attention to it for the first time..

I have a lot of work to do, with a grand opening planned for one of my client's latest much to do and yet all the heart desires is to chiiillllllll, here, in front of this balcony. Its beautiful and I am not even guilty.. :)

So I figure it is going to take me a while to decide what course this blog will take but until then, I will continue to write what comes to by mind and I am sure the result will be surprising to me. Someday.

Update: It is now raiinniiinnng..lots and lots of water pouring down.. :)


shweta said...

I must say you write beautifully. I like this one specially because once read, leaves you feeling refreshed :) all the more because we dont face much rain. And talk about not wanting to work during this time..I absolutely second that thought.

All the best hope to read some more good stuff.

SamLa said...

I loved this one, I was sitting at home, the window was open and the breeze was amazing, & I remembered this blog and just had to =)

Komal-Nishka said...

Thank you Shweta - your comment will always be a very special one as it was the first for my blog.. :)

Sam, thank you for your encouragement as always

Keep more of this coming ladies..!!

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