Monday, September 17, 2012

Super Fun & Hilarious Group Game (With Free Printable)

I love playing group games. I think they help people bond so much better. A few months ago, I combined four of my favorite games, Dares + Movie Quiz + Clay Pictionary + Charades, into one, so, instead of playing one game, you play a medley. It was an instant hit!

The beauty of this game is you can customise the four games and the tasks under each game based on the age group of your guests – so it can be a family, kiddie or adult game ;D or for a special occasion such as a baby or bridal shower.

How to play:
I created a quick and simple table with four columns, each for a game category mentioned above, and assigned points depending on difficulty and fun levels ;D. Therefore, Dares came out with the highest points, followed by Charades, Clay Pictionary and Movie Quiz. Under each category, I listed 10 challenges.

On a separate sheet, to be used by the game host only, I selected and listed 10 each of dares, movie quiz questions, clay pictionary words and modified famous sayings for charades (a twist to the usual movie charades ;D).

We made two teams, 10 players each, and gave each team the opportunity to chose a category and a number within the category, and accordingly they had to perform their challenge. Strike of the number on the table below as the challenge in a category is completed. So for instance, if a team chooses No. 5 from the Dare category, that gets struck off.

Quiz Board Download image here

Since dares are assigned the highest marks, our sporty friends dived straight into it, and with the kind of dares I had lined up, we all just LOLd away!

While the internet is loaded with inspiration, if you wish to receive my copy of the challenges for the various categories, just send me an e-mail on nishka (dot) manglani (at) gmail (dot) com or leave me a comment below.

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Read 2 posts now. Thanks for virtual trip to Venice. Good photographs. This game seems a little complicated to me, may be age factor.

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