Monday, January 2, 2012

Real Parties: Bollywood Retro Theme 25th Anniversary Celebration

We recently enjoyed a super fun silver wedding anniversary celebration in the family and wanted to share with you some creative nuances from the event.

Bollywood Retro Theme

The theme was Bollywood retro and I loved the way the invite, designed and written by our cousin Dipti, set the stage, giving away event details such as date, time venue, dress code, etc, in a unique Antakshri format.

Bollywood Retro Theme InviteThe other super element Dipti brought to the party was a simple DIY - transforming popular movie posters from that era by replacing the lead actor or actress with a picture of each of the elders in their younger days. These were framed and placed on tables. They can be a really fun alternative to name cards in table settings while at the same time adding to the decor and theme, and can also serve as personalised returns/giveaways.

Bollywood Retro Theme Personalise Posters

Retro glares in various shapes and colors (as you can see in the first image) were made available as fun props to provide that extra zing to the pictures :-)

P.S. If you have organised or attended or know of a really cool party and want it to be featured in this section, please send me an e-mail on nishka [dot] manglani [at] gmail [dot] com

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