Saturday, November 19, 2011

So Blessed and how!


I’ve received a lot of e-mails from my readers in the last few months on why I have been away from this blog…and it’s high time I tell you that it’s only because I have been Blessed with a dear baby boy :-D. He’s filled up all my days and nights with his beautiful presence while everything else has taken an understandable backseat.

However, as we are slowly discovering and understanding each other, I hope to take a few minutes out to blog a little bit soon :-)


WarmSunshine said...

Oh lovely! Congratulations to you dear... Babies fill our hearts with love to the point of bursting with it! Sending you love from Pakistan :)

Sophia Ali said...

Congratulations...Read it somewhere - A child gives birth to a mother..And a big hug to the little one :)

Minal said...

Oh wow- Congratulations. I am so very happy for you and yes, I was really wondering on where have you vanished.
And what timing. I had never thought we would have our babies so close to each other.

Now, mail me some pictures please.

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