Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Discussion on Destiny & Free Will

The subject of destiny and free will has often intrigued me. While everyone has their own way to look at it, for me, one thing is clear, that a destiny has been written for us. But what I have always been confused about is free will. Does it exist?

My question was beautifully answered recently: the relationship between destiny and free will is akin to a game of cards: you could make a game with the worst of cards or break a game with the best. It’s how you play what has been dealt to you.

Free will exists in how you respond to what life throws your way, and in there we can either present ourselves with peace of mind through positive beliefs or misery with negative emotions. The choice is ours.

1 comment:

Sunita Lakhiani said...

WOW, Love it, love it, love it :) I didn;t understand it clearly yesterday but your post made it soo easy to understand :D

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