Sunday, January 23, 2011

Of Discovering A Different Side of Muscat

I've spent a relatively long time in this city in a not so distant past - yet driving through Muscat today, I felt like I was seeing a different side of it altogether. The difference was the rains, the cloud laden sky, the wet roads and buildings, the rain washed greener than usual greenery - it was as if they'd breathed a new life in my hometown.

I'm sure the city has seen these rains before, this kind of beauty before, even when I was a part of it, however I seemed to have just discovered it today for some reason. It's probably got to do with getting away and coming back after all these years at a time when the sun isn't at its strongest, it's probably got to do with all the growing up that has happened between now and then, it's probably got to do with the way I comprehend light and colour in everything I see these days, perhaps.

Here's a glimpse of the magical moment I experienced this afternoon..

Muscat on a rainy day


WarmSunshine said...

that's a breath taking photo!!

thanks for sharing :)

Komal-Nishka said...

thank you.. it was a breath taking moment too :)

Sarah Walton said...

I love muscat in any weather!

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