Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Favorite Tea Accompaniments

Tea Rusks
Tea time is a special time for us chai lovers. In Muscat, it gets even more special for me as I get to dunk these yummmmy rusks (pictured above) in my tea. They take the whole chai experience to a different level altogether.. :D

Among my other favorite things to have with tea are Parle G glucose biscuits.. it’s a special combination that I’ve loved ever since I was a lil girl.. and khari biscuits (mildly slated puffed pastry that is very popular in India)..

What about you, how do you like having your tea?


subodh ahire said...

For me to have with tea are Fresh morning sun-rays and great positive energy. When i got both while sipping tea, I really enjoy tea time a lot. Besides I love to have Marie, parle-G or sometimes Kharee too. Kharee always reminds me, my grandma; who never forget to offer me kharee with tea.
But indeed, I always had more intention on every warm sip of tea rather supplementary stuff.

Shubhangi said...

I like namkeen with my tea.......so bakarwadi or farsan....floats my boat......not very healthy, I know !

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