Sunday, November 28, 2010

Get Inspired: Gift Wrapping Idea

Good morning my dear readers :)

Feel a surge of energy to write an early morning post today, to share a really simple but amazing DIY gift wrapping idea I came across at Creature Comforts. Using some embellishments or jewelry from your collection, you can create stunning wraps for presents - oh-so-awesome not only for the upcoming holiday season but for any of the many occasions that come by throughout the year.

Wrapping with Jewelry

P.S. Creature Comforts is out with a lovely online magazine, Gifted, that has everything related to gift giving and wrapping packed into it. Suggest you visit the magazine site here for tones of inspiration and free downloads.

Gifted Magazine

Image credit: Creature Comforts

Happy wrapping :)


Charissa said...

Isn't Ez amazing? I totally respect all of her Creature Comforts tutorials - she has a knack for taking an object everyone has access to and making something unusual and pretty!

Komal-Nishka said...

She absolutely is amazing and superbly creative :) Thanks for stopping by Charissa.

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