Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sliding Doors

traindoors (Image Via)

I wonder if life would be so kind enough to show us, just before the end of our term, what the various consequences of our decisions would have been, how different life would have been had we said yes to something we didn’t, no to something we did, been on time somewhere we weren’t, been late somewhere else, taken the decision to go some place, did not take the decision to go to that place and chosen another one instead.

Yeah, I’m highly inspired by the movie Sliding Doors in this post as you can see :)  How one train made all the difference in the protagonist’s life. I’m sure it’s happening in our lives too.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see, just before we bid adieu, how different life could have been? I guess if the current life we are living was the best of all shown, you’d go in peace and if it wasn’t – oh boy, God bless you ;)

But what’s interesting to note is, in the movie at least, sooner or later what is destined to come your way comes your way. Your choice/decision will only delay or prepone its happening. I would like to believe that that applies to real life too and thus there ain’t no need to disturb our already disturbed peace of mind as we make the journey back home. Or where ever it is we are going.


Aanchal said...

very nice.... been thinknig about this too.... :) its the butterfly effect no.. :)

Aarti said...

I believe that its good we dont know some things as more often than not we'd end up feeling short changed. Why? Because what we would see would be a superficial view without the minute details which are what actually define our lives from one day to the other.

Its kind of like looking at our friends and wondering oh how come their lives are so perfect (for example) without actually living with them and knowing about their daily trials and tribulations.

The same way, if we got to see our alternate reality we'd probably never dive deep into the finer aspects thus always making us feel that we'd be better of.

First of all our generation has a problem with being happy with what we have, we always want more or what we dont have. I guess the less we can control/manipulate or foresee/flashback into things the better :)

I do agree with your parting note that eventually it always end up as destined, just sometimes takes longer or sooner depending on the choices we make.

Really thought provoking and nice post!

Komal-Nishka said...

@Aanch thanks :).. butterfly effect indeed :)

@Aarti thanks for sharing your thoughts :)spot on - the lesser this generation knows the better :) else we'll just spend our time delving on what we lost out, what could have been, instead of looking forward :)

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