Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Of Finding & Loosing & Finding Again

An interesting thought came to me in a conversation, something that needs to be written just so I can go back and read it and find my way should I get lost, again.

That sometimes you just need space to mend broken/misunderstood relationships -  space to understand what happened, space to think what went wrong, space to analyse, space to see not just your perspective, space to face the reality, space to forgive, space to forget, space to heal, space to let go, space to learn that this space isn’t a bad thing, space to realise that it was all perhaps so petty, that after all it was a beautiful relationship that shouldn’t just be forgotten, space to clear that space that is no longer needed :)


ArchieIndian said...

So much written in so few lines.. Means a lot, i know. I donno if i interpret it the same as the writer, but I like it for sure.. Thanks for penning down..such a nice entry..

Friends said...

Amazing Thought, soo often we misunderstand this space and this in turn creates more complications in our relations! Beautifully explained:D

Aanchal said...

lovely Komal, and so true... but how often do we apply it in our lives.. which is sad.
love the way you have written this

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