Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ideas & Resources for Birthday Party Planning in Dubai

It was hubby’s birthday last week and since the beginning of the month my mind was going berserk thinking what to do. Guess its natural to feel that way when you want to make someone’s day very special :) After lots of research, thinking, consulting and help, it all came together really well.

The reason I’m talking about this is so I can share with you all the wonderful resources I have come across online that you can refer to for any adult birthday party you are organising. There’s pot loads of ideas out there for kids parties but very little good inspiration for adults.

One site that I totally digged was Party Perfect Blog. There are  tones of ideas and posts on real parties that will get your creative juices flowing. You can find all her posts on birthday parties for grown-ups here.

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The other fab blogs you can refer to include Birthday Girl, Creative Party Place and Hostess with the Mostess.

If you’re in Dubai and stuck for venues, go to Time Out Dubai. They have just about every hotel/ restaurant/ bar or pub  in the city  reviewed with prices, directions and contact details. Must say for the most part, they seem to get it quite right.

For gifts, if you are looking for something unusual or an experience, the team over at Dream Days will give you a great helping hand in putting something together.

And for those in the city that have crazy ideas when it comes to entertainment or any creative resource that you may need for your party but don’t know where to go, log onto Dubizzle. It’s amazing - I struggled to find a guitar player cum singer and then logged on to this site and found one in a few hours :)

Having said all this, must add that no matter how creative you are or how big or small or whacky your ideas, when it comes to making a birthday special, the most important ingredients are your family and friends. If you get them together, the rest (fun, laughter, good times and good things) just follows :)

I hope these ideas will help you when you’re putting together a birthday surprise/party/present for that special someone.


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