Monday, September 21, 2009

Why Twitter Rocks

Twitter rocks

I’ve been meaning to write a post on this subject for a long time now but always gave up thinking oh well, aren’t there enough posts about it already?

The answer is yes, there are, but as I heard at our spiritual gathering this weekend, all spiritual books have one simple message, it’s just that sometimes someone identifies with something said in one book and may have missed the point in the other.

I would have never known how important this social media network was until I had a training programme on the importance of new social media tools and Twitter was one among them.

So why get on to Twitter? Who has the time to update so many freaking platforms? Aren’t they all the same anyway?

Well no, not this one. I am not an expert on social media so I’ll just simply compare Twitter to the most loved social media platform, Facebook.

Facebook gives you the opportunity to update your status, while Twitter is all about your status only that has to be restricted to 140 words. Twitter teaches you how to be concise.

Facebook is about friends for me. Twitter goes beyond that. The latter is about:

  • My industry: I have the opportunity to follow and interact with PR gurus from around the world, local and international journalists and fellow industry professionals.

  • Community: You can follow people from the city you reside in, your hometown, etc, to get an update of what’s happening, new deals, new hotels opening up, new places to hang out in, reviews etc.

    Chances are your local community organises Twestivals to support an international or local cause. This is also an opportunity to meet fellow tweeples in person. Better than Facebook ya, where you keep in touch over the web, but shy away when you bump into them in real ;D

  • Hobbies: If it’s cooking you like, sewing, singing or whatever it is, meet like minded people and learn and share

  • News: or shall I say breaking news? When the Air France plane went missing, the news was all over Twitter much before any news sites wrote about it. One can also follow your local media on Twitter and have brief updates shown on your profile on what’s going on

  • Celebrities: Where else in the world can you get to know first hand what they’re up to from the horses mouth  and probably even interact with some. They’ll even clarify rumours around their life on Twitter

Additionally, if you’re blogging, it gives you a whole new audience, a new platform to promote it.

Businesses have realised its importance and have a presence there too. They constantly update their profiles with special deals, promotions, contests and what not. If you’ve bought something and are not happy with it, get on to Twitter and look out for them. If they’re there, tweet them about it and chances are you’ll be heard. If you aren’t, at least hundreds of other people will now be aware of their lack of service or vice versa.

I can go on and on but the point is are you getting convinced about it and thinking of getting on to Twitter after reading all this :D?

I hope you do for it will open a whole new world for you.

If you don’t, well at least now you have a better idea of what Twitter is about and can still stay away from it ;D

If you’re on there already, let me know if Twitter rocks for you or not?

PS: I totally love FB and the comparison is only to help understand that if you have an FB account, it does not mean you can’t be on Twitter :) and how Twitter has unique advantages as a social media tool.


Neha Matani Sujanani said...

hi komal..well written..agree 2 all of the above...m not a good writer but still have a blog about my work and that really helps when people following you on twitter ask what you do...when on my blog stats i find most ppl have searched me thru 4 me it does rock 4 sure..

Komal-Nishka said...

thanks for your feedback Neha, appreciate it

flaneur said...

Komi! following your blog now...
am on tweets too- starchedbrown
keep writing girl!


Anonymous said...

Hey Nishka...really informative and well written too. Twitter was a bit confusing to me...did try to search what it was all about..lost my patience half-way thru...but your blog was really helpful..will try to tweet more often :)

Komal-Nishka said...

Devi, so happy to know you're on there too

Anonymous: the way to go about getting anything out of it is the kind of people you follow and interact with.

Gopinath Mavinkurve said...

Hi Komal, nice post about Twitter! I joined twitter and facebook to popularise my blog. Otherwise i too was wondering why in holy hell would someone want to know what i am upto? Congratulations for being featured on Blogadda. Do read my latest post which is also featured.
Follow me on twitter @gopinathmm

BG said...

I was googling for blogs in dubai and I landed on yours.
Twitter is the new morse code nevertheless I think the uses/audience is quite varied.
I do have some feedback ; though I thought people in dubai would blog to raise up social/economic issues and discuss them given this is one of the few available open discussion avenues in this part of the world. Sadly , I find blogging in this part of the world extremely amateurish and most of the times just a verbal version of their facebook. I wish this means would be used to discuss varied topics and bring about a small change in this world of Hippocrates esp in dubai. I saw you have been in this region for a while and am sure you could write soem interesting/intelligent stuff and am sure many would join in to make this a better place. I may be wrong to say this but unfortunately, Dubai/Middle east needs to move up from base IQ of 10 to atleast 30 and ther could be some visible diffrence int he way we see things and the way the world sees this place.


Komal-Nishka said...

Hi BG!

Thanks for stopping by & taking a moment to comment. Appreciate it.

To begin with, I'm thrilled to know mine is one of the blogs that pop up in a google search on Dubai and that just means I need to up my content on Dubai.

Regarding discussing socio economic changes, I haven't googled but I'm sure there are blogs here that do that. For me this platform is an expression of my emotions & thoughts for the time being, though with your feedback, if I do feel strongly about something on the social/economic front, I will write about it here.. so do keep coming back :)

Kajz said...

Very well-written :)

Komal-Nishka said...

Thks Kajz, you're an active tweeter, so very glad to hear your feedback :)

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