Friday, April 24, 2009


  • I can so identify with thought no. 2 of Minal's post Random Confessions
  • Should I make this, this or this for lunch/dinner today?
  • Nine months of pregnancy does not need to put a brake in your life, see what this wonderful lady has achieved..awesome, awe-inspiring :)
  • Girlfriends are under rated but such an integral part of your life, your support and joy network :)
  • It's destination Australia this summer - do you have a suggested place to visit/ must-do-something for me?
  • I want to throw a birthday party like this... brillliiiaaannnnt :):)
  • And lastly you can now follow Lifealicious and me on Twitter. Look for the application on right

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Zita said...

Great blog! enjoy rading it :)

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