Monday, October 15, 2012

DIY Festive/Diwali Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are an essential part of most festivities in the Indian tradition, and Diwali is no different. The foodie in me always loves to unfold a gift basket as they usually come loaded with delicacies. And of course, your excitement towards a gift basket is directly proportional to the way it’s looking (read wrapped). :-)

So continuing with the festive spirit on Lifealicious, I am so excited to introduce Vinita Kundani to you, a genius when it comes to wrapping presents. She shares with us a simple and quick way to decorate baskets this Diwali or for any traditional occasion really.

Festive  Diwali Basket Wrapping DIY

1: A simple cane basket - how the original one we used looked like
2: Materials needed:
* Fabrics such as satin, organza, net, to cover basket and ribbon, to cover handle
* Embellishments
(If you wear Indian, you can easily reuse borders of sarees, dupattas, etc.) 
* Gun glue (not shown in the image) 
3/4/5: Wrap fabric around the basket, we used a pink shimmery satin fabric for the base, and ribbon around the handle - we used one in gold organza. With the help of gun glue, fold and fix around the basket 
6: Fabric covered basket 
7: Embellishments stuck on the handle using gun glue. You could either stop here or add a bow as described in the next step 
8: Make a bow using a net fabric and add an embellishment.

Festive  Diwali Basket Wrapping DIY 
Voila!! Your basket is ready with goodies :-)

P.S. If you would like to learn or enquire about gift wrapping services, contact Vinita on vkundani[at]gmail[dot]com

P.P.S More Diwali Trend Alert posts here and links to some stunning Diwali decor ideas previously featured on the blog.


diwali 2012 gifts said...

Gifts which we get on Diwali gives us a bliss.As on such an auspicious day if we get useful and our favorite things then it surely make us feel happy.

Jack said...


Read 3 pending posts now. Circus themed parties look interesting.

Take care

Unknown said...

Really this is a fantabulous design for diwali festival so thanks & keep it on.

Diwali Gifts

nidhi said...

Lovely gift Basket. I have linked to it in my blog post Diwali craft ideas. Here is the link:

Do check it out.

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